Uetliberg Summary

As fate goes, I’m having to skip running for a while. Maybe I’ll take new pics and videos from bike workouts, but in the meantime here’s my best of 🙂

Triemli – Hütte Gelbe Wand – Trampelpfad Ost – Rossweidliegg – Claridahütte – Uto Kulm

Yes it can be done in a group, with a dog (Rauno rocks) and a crowning sunset dinner. See map and explanations.

Alternative: From Albisguetli (Endo of Tram 13) – Kolbenhof – bench with a view

And here’s the biiiig looong beautiful … royal way from Bürkliplatz to Top of Zurich

And I repeat: not without laughter, culture and danger …